Starting a Film Society or Community Cinema

Have you ever thought of setting-up your own cinema in your community and joining the new venues that are springing up every month up and down our region? Recent start-ups have included Hobleton in Devon and LA Cinema in Long Ashton near Bristol.

Chris Baker setting up the trial screening of Whiplash at the Jubilee Hall, Long Ashton

Chris Baker setting up the trial screening of Whiplash at the Jubilee Hall, Long Ashton

In recent years, Cinema for All South West has helped many communities get started by organising trial screenings using our digital projection equipment and volunteer projectionists, and we have been building on the success of the Film West by South West and the Devon and Cornwall Network projects to assist more new venues in the far west of our region, joining forces with other organisations such as Carn to Cove in Cornwall.

If you would like to follow these groups and start your own community cinema venture, we can provide help in a number of ways – advice and expertise on professional equipment, how to book films and DVDs, including the Cinema for All’s own DVD booking scheme, and publicity material.

Your first step should be to contact the Cinema for All main office in Sheffield for a start-up pack which tells you all you need to know and think about.

Often, the best way to get things rolling is to hold a trial screening. We may be able to help by providing the necessary equipment and expertise for this – call Brian Clay, Chris Baker or Paul Schilling to discuss your ideas. We have sets of digital equipment in Bath and Shaftesbury, and contacts with colleagues further west if you are based in Cornwall or Devon.

Paul and Chris can also provide advice on equipment and suppliers once you are ready to acquire your own kit.


Paul Schilling in Shaftesbury on 01747 853 224, email:
Chris Baker in Bath on 07800 586 379, email:
Brian Clay on 0117 962 0635 or by email:

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